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Burton girl gets school uniform for life as balloon travels 121 miles to Yorkshire beach

One pupil has been awarded school uniform for life after her balloon was found in Yorkshire. Pictured from left is Chief Executive Steve Allen, Helen Phillips, Principal at Eton Park, Tim O’Regan, Clothing 4 and winner Kathryn Elson at the front

A seven-year-old girl from Burton has won free school clothes for the rest of her life after her balloon travelled 121 miles and was discovered on a beach in Yorkshire. As part of a balloon release celebrating three schools joining the de Ferrers Academy Trust, Kathryn Elson, who attends Eton Park: A de Ferrers Trust Academy, wrote her name on a label attached to a balloon along with all the pupils at the school.

Although the children had hoped a balloon would make it to Europe, Kathryn's balloon was discovered by a member of the public walking on Withern Beach in Yorkshire. Clothing4, a school clothes supplier based in Burton, offered a prize of free school uniform for life for the child who's balloon travelled the furthest, and so Kathryn will never have to buy school uniform again.

Kathryn, who lives in Stafford Street, Burton, said she was very pleased to have won the prize. She said: "My balloon went 121 miles. It was very lucky and I am very happy."

The person who contacted the school to report the discovery of the balloon was rewarded with some Marks and Spencers vouchers. Steve Allen, director of the de Ferrers Trust, said that he is delighted for Kathryn that she has won.

He said: "It was a fantastic event and we are delighted for the young lady who has won. We are looking forward to multiple balloon races in the future as new primary schools join the trust. I would like to say a huge thank you to Clothing4 for sponsoring the event."

Tim O'Regan, group operations for Clothing4, said that it was an honour to sponsor the balloon launch and that the prize will save Kathryn's family around £75 a year until she is 16. He said: "As the provider of uniform for both de Ferrers Academy and the trust schools, we took the opportunity to sponsor the event.

"Kathryn has a lot of growing ahead of her so the sponsorship is not an insignificant amount of money. And her balloon went a lot further than expected."